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For too long Londoners have been forced to brew in the confines of their ever-shrinking London flats. At UBREW, we have a proper brewery for you to use as your own, designed to get messy and steamy. Oh yes.


Never brewed before? No problem. Our staff are so clever and friendly it scares us sometimes. What that means for you is that there's an expert on hand all the way through your brew who you can get advice, guidance and a helping hand from.


The very best stainless steel gear. Exactly the same stuff that your favourite beer is brewed in, but shrunk down to 50l - 70l - 200l sizes. Meaning per brew, you and your friends walk away with 80- 120 bottles of professional quality craft beer.


Our on-site brewshop lets you grab the ingredients you need pic'n'mix style - by the gram. No more ordering 100g of hops when you only need a quarter of that - just take what you need.


At UBREW, we firmly believe that beer is best brewed exactly the same way it's best drank: with friends.

That's why all of the memberships we sell person group memberships. So when you sign up for UBREW your mates are signing up with you - meaning you have four lovely brew partners to share the costs, beer and fun with! You get unbridled access to one fermenter, and everything you need to fill it with lovely, lovely beer.

On top of all that, we have a fantastic craft beer taproom on-site. So you can engage in important "market research" while you brew your beer. Sign up now!

Courses and events

Learn to sparge, hop and finger pop from wise elders of the brew community. Whether it's your first time brewing, or you're an experienced homebrewer who wants to take your game to the next level, this course will have you covered. You'll learn on the same kit you'll be brewing on during your membership, all the ins and outs, all the tips and tricks. If you're interested in going on a course yourself, check out our upcoming dates below.

If you want to get a course for a friend, grab a gift certificate!


Fresh ingredients and supplies for your brew.

Brew in or take out. 

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United Kingdom

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Monday - Wednesday  0900 -1700

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Thursday Friday 1200- 2300
Saturday - Sunday 1200 -1900 

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